Spotlight on Ultrasound Therapy

Are you planning to visit a chiropractor near Paramus to find lower back pain relief or undergo spinal decompression? If so, then he may recommend ultrasound therapy as part of your treatment plan. Although they share the same name, an ultrasound that is used by a chiropractor differs from the type used for internal screenings of the body, which are diagnostic rather than therapeutic. Ultrasound therapy can be used to promote the healing of injuries, as well as to relax muscles to help facilitate a spinal adjustment.

Ultrasound therapy is often used by chiropractors to treat injuries that affect joints, muscles, and soft tissues. An ultrasound device creates small sound waves that can increase blood flow and massage tissues through vibrations. These sound waves can help prevent the formation of scar tissue and promote healing. Some ultrasound devices also have a heating effect that can relax muscles and further stimulate the body’s healing process

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