Understanding and Preventing Text Neck

Neck pain is a common reason why people visit chiropractors in Fair Lawn, NJ. Today, there are more ways to develop neck pain than in the past thanks to cell phones and other handheld devices, and pain that results from holding a cell phone is often referred to as text neck. Continue reading to learn more about this condition and how to prevent it. text - neck

Looking at Text Neck

Text neck is a term that describes shoulder, upper back, and neck pain that result from looking down at a tablet, cell phone, laptop, or other electronic devices. Today, many people keep their cell phones with them for most of their waking hours, and this leads them to spend a good deal of time looking down at the device to text, check email, and browse web sites. Text neck seems to be increasing in occurrence, with more and more people visiting chiropractors about their symptoms.

Recognizing Text Neck

Most commonly, text neck is associated with pain and soreness in the neck. Besides this, the act of looking down at your phone for long periods can cause strain that results in upper back muscle spasms and chronic upper back pain. Shoulder tightness and pain are also symptoms of text neck, as are shoulder muscle spasms. In some cases of this condition, a nerve can become pinched and lead to neurological symptoms that extend down through the arm to the hand. If you are suffering from neck, shoulder, or upper back pain and spend time looking down at a computer or handheld device each day, then your chiropractor may diagnose you with text neck.

Preventing Text Neck

According to chiropractors, adjusting your daily habits and the ways in which you use your devices are the best ways to prevent text neck. To do this, take regular breaks from using your devices throughout the day. Also, hold your phone at eye level to avoid looking down and straining your neck. Lastly, if you work on a laptop or computer, then the screen should be kept at eye level to prevent symptoms of text neck.