Alleviating Back Pain with Custom Orthotics

Are you thinking about seeing a chiropractor in Fair Lawn, NJ about your back pain? If so, then your doctor may recommend that you wear orthotics as part of your treatment plan. Continue reading to learn about finding lower back pain relief with custom orthotics. custom - orthotics

Why Use Orthotics

The purpose of wearing orthotics when you have back pain is to realign the way in which your feet hit the ground to address your gait and promote better posture. For example, an imaginary line drawn from the shin to the foot in an individual with a normal foot arch should pass between the big and second toe. In a person who has a high arch that causes their foot to roll inward, the same line would pass through the big toe, instead. Feet that pronate, or roll inward, can start a domino effect that begins with problems in the feet and extends up through the legs, pelvis, and spine. Because wearing custom orthotics can help prevent foot pronation, they may assist providing lower back pain relief.

How Orthotics Work

The domino effect of health problems that can result from foot pronation is what is known as the kinetic chain, with the feet representing the base and each joint acting as an additional link as it continues up the body. In theory, the use of custom foot orthotics can correct foot pronation that might lead to an unhealthy gait, poor posture, foot issues, knee problems, and back pain. Designed to realign how the bones of the foot and ankle react when you walk and stand, orthotics may help distribute weight on your feet in a healthier way.

Wearing Custom Orthotics

If you have discomfort that is related to walking or body imbalances associated with your feet, then your chiropractor may advise you to try custom orthotics. To help relieve the stress on your body that may be related to your feet, you can wear your orthotics every day and during most activities, while expecting them to function well for as long as a year or more.