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Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is a powerful tool that has been used for thousands of years to address many forms of chronic pain. The use of massage can improve joint, back, and neck pain, helping you to enjoy the lifestyle you want, free from discomfort. Maximized Living & Wellness Center is pleased to offer therapeutic massage as part of our comprehensive chiropractic services, including chiropractic adjustment, electrical muscle stimulation, and cold laser therapy in Fair Lawn.

What to Expect from Your Chiropractic Massage

Massage therapy is a great way to improve your mental balance and achieve relief from chronic pain. Following a few simple steps and knowing what to expect during your massage will ensure this experience is a positive one.

  • Prior to your massage, your chiropractor will go over your treatment plan and ask whether you have experienced any changes in your health. It’s important to be as thorough as possible during this time, as your current health and pain levels may affect the techniques your chiropractor chooses to use.
  • Your massage will focus on the areas where you are seeking pain relief, but in many cases, pain may be referred from other areas of the body. Your chiropractor will address all the areas causing you pain, which may include your upper and lower back, as well as your neck and shoulders.
  • During your massage, your chiropractor is open to hearing how you feel. If certain techniques feel good—or bad—don’t be afraid to speak up and take an active role in your treatment. However, you can also feel free to relax and drift during your massage if you are comfortable.

Treating Pain with Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an effective pain management option for many types of acute and chronic pain. Patients in Fair Lawn seek massage therapy to improve comfort, flexibility, and healing for many reasons, including

  • upper and lower back pain, including pain caused by degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and muscle spasms in the back.
  • sciatic nerve pain, which is caused by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve as it exits the spinal column.
  • joint and soft tissue injuries that results from sports, automobile accidents, or slips and falls that may occur at work or home.
  • repetitive stress injuries and conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • headaches, including chronic tension headaches and migraines.
  • pain and other symptoms of arthritis, Raynaud's disease, diabetes, and fibromyalgia.

Chiropractic Massage

Chiropractic massage is an excellent method for improving overall health, neck pain, and musculoskeletal efficiency. Massage therapy has a number of beneficial effects on the body and the mind. Some of these include removal of toxins that can build up in the muscles of the body, increased circulation, and increased flexibility in not only the muscles, but also the connective tissue within the body.

Chiropractic Massage also can help with muscle spasms as well as soft tissue injuries. Increasing the movement and reducing the overall recovery time by helping the body in the healing process. In addition, consistent massage has been known to increase balance.

Chiropractic Massage has proven to assist in the healing of a large number of conditions including back pain, surgery recovery, eating and sleep disorders as well as high blood pressure and diabetes among others.

Joint Pain Massage therapists attentions can help complement to your total wellness plan in Fair Lawn; you can reach a chiropractor to learn more about massage, chiropractic, and pain management when you call Maximized Living & Wellness Center at (201) 794-4500.

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